Our therapy department is here to help you ReBound back to living your best life. We have the people and the tools to get you back to cooking, exercising, spending time with your grandchildren, fishing or any activity that brings you joy. Our communities provide the care, while ReBound provides the tools to get you going. It’s the perfect combination and we’re here when you need us.

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Who should consider ReBound?

  • Anyone who has had a surgery that requires rehabilitation

  • After a stroke

  • Back and neck surgeries

  • Joint replacements

  • After extended hospital stays

  • Cardiac surgeries

  • After an injury from a fall or an accident

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Our Atmosphere

Our communities are 24/7 care environments for those with both short and long-term care needs. We have private rooms with bathrooms, private dining rooms at some of our communities, access to Wi-Fi, televisions with access to cable, and family lounge areas.

ReBound Care Promise

  • Our staff works with your physicians to provide excellent communication, care and compassion. It’s our promise to you.

  • We provide 24/7 skilled nursing care.

  • We offer physical, occupational and speech therapies.

  • We offer activities to make your stay more enjoyable and privacy for when you want to focus on healing and meditation.

  • We have access to counseling and support care.

  • Each community has dietitian services so your meals are designed for your needs.

How long?

The short and most sincere answer is: we are here for when you need us. Every case is different and will depend on your level of care and physicians recommendations. We treat each person as an individual and know that no two cases are exactly alike. Your therapy time will be determined by our team of excellent therapists and team of professionals.

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Pain Management

  • Your comfort and care is our top priority.

  • We want you to talk to us! Let us know how you are feeling, what you need, what we can do to make your stay even greater. We want to hear from you and your family. It is important to your experience and for our continuing growth and development.

  • There are several types of medicines that can be provided to you through pill, liquid form, or injection.

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Our staff will work with your physician or surgeon to determine the best possible time to bathe or shower for your recovery. Once your physician has determined that you are ready for bathing or showering, we will create a schedule for you. Please let us know if you have any requests and we will do our best to accommodate. We do have private rooms with restrooms and access to spa tubs as well.

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